Barramundi Experience N.T

Barramundi Experience N.T. The only place in the NT where you can hand feed 1m+  Barramundi, an activity the whole family will enjoy. If you love the outdoor lifestyle and want to see one of these girls up close, make a booking now!

Welcome to B.E.N.T

Did you know, the N.T. Government breed Barramundi in Darwin at the Aquaculture Center to keep the stocks in the rivers healthy?

The Breeding Barramundi, all females, get to a ripe old age and need a retirement home.

This is their paradise!

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Barramundi Experience

Since 2015 a unique retirement home for the Darwin Aquaculture Center breeding Barramundi was created. Our friendly retirees swim to the shallow shoreline in search of their favorite meal, fresh mullet. Over the years, the fish have shed their normal shyness and are willing to be hand-fed to the delight of thousands of fascinated locals and tourists every year. B.E.N.T.  has become a magical attraction that all the family can enjoy – it attracts upwards of 5,000 visitors every year . 

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Bird Life

Bird life lovers rejoice.
Extensive bird life call B.E.N.T. home. Some of the native species include:
Jabiru, Burdekin Ducks, Indian Runner Ducks, Hawks, Sea Eagles, Giant Egrid, Finches, Kingfishers, Plumed whistling Ducks.

Spectacular Sunsets

The picturesque setting makes for postcard quality sunsets

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Our other fish varieties

Sarratoga, Sleepy Cod, Tarpon, Barbed Grunter, Spangled Perch, Gar Fish, Eel Tailed Cats-fish & Red Claw

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Business Hours
By appointment only

Monday - Sunday

Appointments only

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